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Siddhi Publication,
Nanded (Maharashtra) India is a prolific Publisher with a focus on a number of different subject areas. Have a look at our most popular releases below including You’re Not A Hoarder, Looking for Nini and Waited Long Enough.

Cover 6 jan 2022.JPG

Swami Vivekanad 12 Jan.2022 XLV

Dr. R. G. Umbarkar

January 2022 cover page (1).JPG

JAN. 2022 XLVI

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Cover page netaji.JPG

Netaji Subhashchandra Bose
Special Issue
23 Jan. 2022 XLVII

Dr. Rajesh G Umbarkar

Cover page February.JPG

Feb.2022 XLVIII


Budget Feb. 2022.JPG

Budget Feb. 2022

Dr. Rajesh G. Umbarkar

Certificate & Cover.jpg

Indian Economy : Opportunities & Challenge in 21 st Century
Issue LII VOL. I : 29 March 2022

Dr. M. V. Hiray
Dr. D. N. Sonawane
Dr. B. N. Sonawane

March 2022.JPG

March 2022

Regular Issue: LI Vol. I

Cover - 1.JPG

Indian Economy: Opportunities and Challenge in 21 st Century (Marathi) Issue LII Vol, II 29 March 2022

Mrs Pallavi L. Shete


Govt. Bed College, Nanded 28 March 2022 

Issue LV


April 2022 LVI


Cover page.JPG

9 April 2022 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Dr. Vasant Biradar

Dr. Satish Sasane

May 22.jpg

May 2022 LIX


Dr. Rajashree S Maranoor

Dr. Vivekanand. A Ughade


Waited Long Enough

Dr, Shideshwar R. Shetkar


The Golbal Relevance of Indian Economic Thoughts

Dr. Vasant Biradar

Dr, D, D, Choudhri


June 2022



20 Jan 2022    LIII

Dr. Panjab shere

Cover page July (1).jpg

July 2022

Dr.Azra Parveen 
Dr. C. S. Biradar


Hindi Sahitya me kisan vimarsh

Dr. D. shirude
Dr. V. D. Surywanshi
Dr. Anita Nere

August Cover Pag.jpg

LXVII Aug. 2022

Pallavi L Shete


The Literary Contribution of the Great Poet Kalidasa

Dr. Prashant B. Biradar

Cover page (1).jpg

You’re Not A Hoarder

Dr. Ramkishan N. Dahiphale


Sept. 2022

Dr. Prakasha N.

Dr. Amit Mirji


Published Journals 2021


Dec. 2021

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Nov. 2021

Mahatma Gandhi Cover.jpg

2 October 2021 (Special Issue)

2 October 2021

2 October 2021 (Special Issue)

September Cover Page.jpg

September 2021

Spceial issue August.JPG

15 August 2021 (Special Issue)

August Cover Page.JPG

August 2021

Cover Page July.JPG

July 2021

June 2021 cover page.JPG

June 2021

Environment Issue Cover.JPG

Environment 05 June 2021(Special Issue)

May Cover page.JPG

26 May 2021 (Special Issue)

14 April Cover page 2021.JPG

14 April 2021 (Special Issue) Dr. B. Ambedkar

April Cover page 2.JPG

April 2021

March 21 cover page.JPG

March 2021

Jan. 2021.JPG

Jan. 2021


Dec.2021 (Special Issue for English Mahatma fuie College, Ahmadpur)


Dec. 2021 (Special Issue for Sports Mahatma Phule college, Ahmadpur )


Dec. 2021 Special Issue for Poli.Scil.Mahatma Phule Colllege, Ahmadpur


Dec.2021 Special Issue for Env. and Geo. Mahatma Phule Coiiege Ahmadpur